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IGLOMAT Super Complication LP


Vinyl full length record *comes with download code*
released October 22, 2012
Edition of 250

David Jack
Scott MacDonald
Matthew Alsberg
Sandy Carson

Artwork By Nigel Peake

The static between stations. The space between all the zeros and ones. The point of no return.
Iglomat thrives in this transitional realm. The cross-continental recording project operates across landlines, highways, and hard drives – chronicling tales of distance and time.
Such efforts would normally lose some spontaneity and urgency in the transfers. But consider Iglomat’s pedigree: producer David Jack, a beat chemist praised by no less authority than John Peel (just check his Peel Session); esteemed instrumentalist Matt Alsberg of Antimc; longtime collaborator Scott MacDonald; and acclaimed photographer Sandy Carson, whose narrative focus comes through as much on record as it does in print.
The band’s second album, Super Complication, was pieced together over the better part of a year, the files travelling from Edinburgh to Austin to Los Angeles and back again. The resulting 13 tracks are a work of patience and restraint, striking a balance between the ambient soul of Boards of Canada, the Octopus Project’s sophisticated playfulness, and the cresting tension of Mogwai.
There are deep, medicated grooves and purposefully rough patches. It’s the sort of record that reveals something different every time—circumstantial, temperamental, and yet somehow definitive.
-Austin Powell, The Daily Dot

Track list-
Pegasus 03:55
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6.8.1801 04:38
Live Fast Die Whenever 03:23
Generalife 04:19
Io 03:33
Super Complication 02:53
Finger Puppet 04:48
Court Of The Myrtles 04:22
Enter Sandmonster 04:32
New Fast Clockwork 03:53
Black Flowers 04:37
Coming In Tepid 04:37
They Live 05:11

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