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We Were There book / vinyl

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COPIES HERE- https://daylightbooks.org/products/we-were-there-sandy-carson

We Were There -A photography book documenting concert crowd fans from the pit. Austin, Texas, 2007-2017

Published by Daylight Books September 2017

Signed by Sandy

This project explores the symbiotic relationship between rock concert fans, the bands, and the photographer at music festivals. It is also a self-portrait of a music fan, musician, and photographer, who has been on both sides of the stage, barrier, and photo pit.
These images were made over the last 10 years on assignment at various music festivals in Austin, Texas, from the sweaty pit of each concert. Without the band there are no fans; without the fans, there is no band. One just cannot exist without the other.

Book specs:

-7-inch flexi disk insert featuring unreleased track from the Black Angels and The Sword
-Photo pit wristband
-100 pages
-59 color photographs
-160gsm MAGNO MATT paper
-Book foreword by Alyssa Coppelman
-Essays by Dr Katherine Parhar and Sandy Carson.